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Resolving Complex And Highly Personal Disputes

Administering the estate of a departed loved one is a difficult process, even when family members and other beneficiaries are in agreement. When parties disagree over the administration of a will or trust, it can add another layer of stress to the situation.

At Hedman & Wooten, P.A., we represent interested parties in all aspects of will or trust contests, probate litigation or trust litigation. From disputed asset transfers to allegations of undue influence, we leverage our combined 50-plus years of experience and in-depth knowledge to attain workable, positive outcomes.

Will Contests

Beneficiaries may challenge a will for many reasons. Our firm has experience handling will disputes involving:

  • True will contests — If the decedent had several wills, you must determine which will is valid.
  • Invalid wills — If the will does not meet statutory requirements regarding proper language, number of witnesses, etc.
  • Mental incapacity — If the decedent suffered from Alzheimer’s or some other mental disability that would have prevented them from making sound decisions.
  • Undue influence — If an individual close to the decedent exercised persuasive or threatening tactics to have the will changed.

Many will contests can be settled through negotiation or mediation. We are always prepared, however, to represent our clients’ interests in probate litigation if they so choose. Our Brevard County will contest attorneys will help clients weigh their options so they can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Under Florida probate law, your spouse is entitled to a share of your marital estate regardless of whether he or she is named in a will or trust. Our firm provides in-depth counsel on spousal rights in Florida, including the effect of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorce settlements and stepchildren.

Florida Trust Dispute Attorneys

Florida has very detailed statutory provisions concerning assets held in trusts, with specific accounting and reporting obligations. Our firm is available to represent a party involved in trust disputes or trust litigation, whether individual beneficiaries or the trustee. Our experience includes disputes regarding:

  • Trustee compensation
  • Management of trust assets
  • Payments to beneficiaries
  • Interpretation of trust terms
  • Other disputes involving trust administration

In a contested estate administration, there is much more at stake than dollars or valuable assets. We understand that you know your family best and will pursue whatever option you deem most appropriate. Contact our office to discuss your concerns with one of our skilled and considerate lawyers.