Customized Legal Strategies Based On Your Specific Needs

Protecting Your Family’s Assets For Any Contingency

Planning for and protecting your family’s financial future can quickly become challenging and confusing. Whether you are interested in completing an effective estate plan or have lost a loved one and need guidance through the probate process, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can alleviate confusion and provide the efficient and timely results your family needs.

At the law firm of Hedman & Wooten, P.A., our attorneys leverage more than 50 years of combined legal experience to provide comprehensive and accessible representation for clients wishing to complete all necessary estate planning documents or those embroiled in heated probate litigation. Providing experienced and caring representation to clients throughout Brevard County, Florida, our attorneys work diligently to understand your unique legal needs and to address them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Dedicated Estate Planning And Probate Assistance

With a wide breadth of legal knowledge and extensive probate litigation and estate planning experience, our attorneys are able to address even the most complex issues relating to the protection of your family’s assets, including:

  • Estate planning: Offering comprehensive guidance through drafting and execution of all necessary planning documents, our attorneys work personally with you to create wills, including living wills; trusts, including special-needs trusts and probate-avoidance trusts; health care surrogate agreements; and powers of attorney.
  • Interpretation of wills or trusts: The language used in wills and trusts can be complex and difficult to understand. Our experienced attorneys can help interpret the legal meaning behind vague or confusing provisions, including determining the meaning of specific gifts or bequests in a will.
  • Probate and trust administration: Our attorneys offer knowledgeable guidance through the probate process and trust administration as well as trust or probate litigation, including will and trust contests, undue influence claims, claims of incompetency, improper administration, clearing title to real property and partition actions.
  • Asset protection: Our attorneys can advise small-business owners on asset structuring to minimize potential claims of judgment creditors.
  • Guardianships: Whether contested or not, guardianships can be difficult to establish. We work diligently to establish guardianships for individuals lacking the mental or physical capacity to properly manage assets or make their own medical and health care decisions.
  • Litigation: Offering experienced courtroom representation, we are able to address issues related to breach of fiduciary duty or improper transfer of assets.

Knowledgeable And Flexible Legal Advice

We also provide thorough consultations regarding the following issues:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We assist clients to establish clear agreements about the management of individual and shared assets upon entering into marriage or while in marriage, including advice on required fiduciary disclosures, individual asset protection, division of assets should the marriage end in divorce or one spouse die.
  • Spousal inheritance rights: Our attorneys help clients understand unique Florida laws regarding spousal inheritance rights, including the surviving spouse’s elective share rights to receive 30 percent of certain assets, spousal support allowances, homestead and other rights.

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